How to Make High Score in subway surfer Game?

Subway surfer game gained a lot of popularity because of exclusive features and high graphics, which attracts more and more juvenile. In this game, players have only one motive to gather the coins and make a high score in the game.

In addition, one thing gamers keep in mind that always avoid getting caught by the inspector and his dog. Moreover, you can play the game on two platforms, namely, Android and iOS devices, because it runs for long hours without any problem. If you want to get coins in a considerable amount, then you can take help from subway surfer cheats without wasting your time.

Useful Tips and Tricks!

Before playing the game, players have sufficient information about the game so that they can’t face any problem in the game. Without any delay of time, let’s discuss some essential tips in the following points.

1. Always Stay Up High!

The safest place in subway surfer is on top of the trains. In details, if you jump off the top of the trains that help the gamers to make high score and play the game for a few minutes without any difficulty. Lastly, if you want to make quick progress in the game, then you stay up high and make your ways easier than before.

2. Make Wisely Spend the Coins!

 If you spend the resources on useful tasks, then you can give back more rewards and bonuses in the form of hoverboards and so on. If any gamer spends their coins on unnecessary things, then they need to buy it from their real money. With the help of subway surfer cheats, you can earn unlimited coins and keys without putting any efforts.

Modes of playing Pixel gun 3D

Pixel gun 3D developers have gone a long way in ensuring that the fans of the game have all their tastes  sorted. To do this they have introduced different modes of playing, in which players can choose from  according to their taste. These different modes offers unique and distinct feels to the players thus  offering options for the pixel gun 3D lovers. Some of these modes of playing in the game include the  following:

Death match mode

This is a multi-player mode of pixel gun 3D game that you can play with your friends locally and abroad.  You can do this through the use of network in which you connect your devices to the network and thus  you are able to compete with each other. The best thing with this mode is that it has the option of  chatting while playing making it a very interactive mode. This means that you can talk with your  competitor while still playing the game. Its multi-player aspect makes it very interesting mode to play.

Cooperative mode

This is a special feature of the pixel gun 3D hack in which it is on multi player mode only that it allows only  four players rather than the eight for the death match. In addition, it offers the option of chatting with  your friends while playing the match. In this mode you are given eight maps in which you play the game  in. the reward for his mode is coins and is therefore a downgraded form of death match, it only  reduces the number of players.

Survival campaign

This is where you play alone in order to survive. You are presented with zombies whose intention is to  kill you but you must work to protect yourself from their danger. This mode is more exciting in that you  are provided with cool features like new training camp, choosing of the map you want. However this  game play is more challenging than the other as in the others you are assisted by others in the course of the game to kill zombies, in this you are alone.

Toon Blast -Top 2 Effective Tips


Toon Blast is a top-rated mobile game, because of their exclusive features and background. It supported only two devices Android and iOS because it runs smoothly on these devices. Nowadays, children want to check their skills and abilities through the game, so this game is the best option for those offspring because the whole game is based on the puzzle.

Moreover, you can earn currency or many more rewards by completing the challenges and reach certain levels, but the challenges are very tough after each stage. If you want to make the game easier than before, so you should use Toon Blast Cheats for unlimited currency without investing your own real money.

1To know the basics of the game – If you are playing Toon Blast, you can face some troubles with boosts and power-ups. If you want to make quick progress in the game, then you must clear your basics.

2. Focus on Aim – In most of the cases, the difficult thing is that to focus on a goal, because it is a very time-consuming process. You should always consider one color and all similar tiles. One thing you should keep in mind, always focus on bottom tile than other ones. Eventually, if you want to complete different levels in time, so you should use Toon Blast Cheats. 

Final Words

Conclusion, I hope from all of them, you understand all the above-mentioned things that can help you to play the game in a better way. If you want to increase your performance and ranking too, so, you should follow all the tips as mentioned above in order to quick progress in the game.


Review of choices stories you play hack and game

The special thing about the choices stories you play is having so many short as well as interesting stories, which could be controlled by the players. However, these stories are visually attractive with the stunning sound effects, which are more adventurous and also keep the entire gamers hooked to their screens. At present, there are several various types of stories available to select and play on this game. Most of these stories are including fantasy, crime and romance. You just navigate through the different stories that are pretty simple as well as a new gamer can play hassle free.

What do you need to know about the choices stories you play game?

In order to know more about the stories you play game, you just keep reading the points given below:

·         The crown and the flame

You need to increase a powerful army and also destroy your opponents to reclaim your kingdom and crown from the enemies.

·         The freshman

It is a most interesting story that has a lot of characters who are studying at university.

·         The rules of engagement

You want to find a true love as fast as possible in this game, especially at the end of summer.

·         Most wanted

It is a murder mystery and interesting story to read and play.

·         Love hacks

If you are surviving in a new place, you just find the true love, which is a main aim of this story.

·         Endless summer

If you reach resort with your friends, you can’t find your friends, so you find any other person in a resort.

How to get diamonds?

Actually, the diamonds are a secondary currency of this game, but it does not need to finish this game. You can usually buy this item from exclusive shops. These diamonds can be increased your leveling up, so you will be able to receive in a large quantities. If you need more diamonds for your game play, you can easily buy diamonds from the game shop. In case, you want to purchase both diamonds and keys, you just look for the combo offers that are buying together are more beneficial than separately buying diamonds alone. Instead of, you can make use of hack choices stories you play cheats tool that has generate both currencies. Let you understand the nature of this game and enjoy playing your most favorite story.

Need a leisure time! Play Coin Master


If you are looking for the best leisure activity in the market, then you might need to check the game of Coin Master. This game is very trendy, and everyone today loves to play this play on their gadgets. This game is available on both iOS and Google play store, and you can easily download this game from both of the above platforms. Although the game is easy to play, there are some places in the game where you need some help. Coin Master cheats can be used for the advice in the game. 

This is a fun-loving game, and you can play this game with all your friend and colleagues. Bring this game to your smart gadgets to get the best leisure activity. The tasks in the game are sufficient to provide entertainment, and you feel more relaxed after playing this game on mobile phones.

How to play the game ?

The game is quite simple to understand, and you don’t need rocket science to play the game. You just need to connect your Facebook account the games official sites and rest you will get automatically in the game. The game is all about earning coins by spinning the sloth machine, every day you will get 50 spins on the sloth machine.

Although there are other things to be also considered like the shields and the Hammer, Hammer is used to taking the revenge from the other player who has destroyed your village recently, and guards are used to protecting communities from the other invaders. Coin Master cheats are useful to protect all your villages.

Bid Wars: An Auction game to earn profits


The Bid Wars is a game of auction where a player needs to buy the goods from the auction. Here the opponent tries to increase the price of a particular product to make the player let down. One can make the correct decision and make a profit. In most of the cases, the player may not take the right decision on time and lose the chance to win the auction game. It is consisting of several characters with two currencies; these are Money and Gold bar. If the gamer wants to buy something, then they need more money and a gold bar, that’s why they can take the help of Bid Wars Hack. Through this, one can get an unlimited amount of currency.


•         Complete the task: A player has to complete the task on time. As the level increases the task becomes typical, and as a good player, you need to play well and win it more money.

•         Units: The units mean the collection of goods. There no fixed rate of products that a person can collect in an auction but they need to make the estimation cost to sell within 5 seconds.

•         Goods: There are two types of products one is common, and another is rare. There is no fixed value of, but the common goods have a low price, and rare has a high value.

•         Reputation: The player needs to make a reputation in the market to unlock some authentic features. One can also make the goodwill by earning maximum profit.

Thus, these are basic aspects that a player needs to know before playing the game. Try the auction game and earn a profit.