Essential things to know about My Story game! Some explained

Playing online or offline game is always a better thing to do in life. We all get exhausted by doing lots of work in offices and other working places. It is not easy to get rid of this exhaustion, especially when you have to do all things again and again in life. Playing games is the only a better way from which we can do wonder to remove daily tension of life. There are a lot of games to choose from, and you can select a particular one for your leisure activity. Play My Story game for the above problems mentioned. It not only offers you a good source of entertainment but also provides ample help in the form of My Story Hack tool and can be downloading from the internet gaming websites.

Importance of diamonds and tickets in the game

The games progress depends upon the diamond and cards you have in the game.  Try to get the best diamonds and tickets to dominate the game against the other characters of the game. Gathering of diamonds and tickets depends upon the tasks you have done. Do maximum jobs to get extra prizes in the game.


Before playing the game on the big mobile screen, it is necessary to log in with the user I’d in the game. Use your Facebook account to login into the official website of the game. This process will give you a lot of prizes and rewards along some other help to play the game with perfection. However, you can also download some good help like MY Story hack to overrule the game easily.