Eyeliner tips that will help in applying the perfect shape

Eyeliner is one of the most important parts of the makeup, and without this, your makeup cannot be completed. Drawing the eyeliner for the beginners is very much tricky because they cannot draw the line perfectly. Drawing winged eyeliner is very much popular, and it looks more attractive also. Eyeliner can help a woman in looking better by making your eyes look bigger, along with the bigger eyes; it helps in changing the eyes shape also. For drawing the eyeliner, it is not a very much big deal, all you need to do some practice with the best waterproof eyeliner.


Numbers of tips are there which helps in drawing the eyeliner in perfect shape. Here are few of those tips mentioned and those are:-

Use pencil liner

If you are a beginner and you are just learning how to draw the eyeliner across the eyes, then you should go for the pencil ones. With the help of the pencil eyeliner, you can make your eyes look natural and smudged look. It is up to your wish that what kind of liner you want to draw. By making the tip of the pencil sharpen you can give a finite look and with the help of the dull ones you can give a smoky look.

 Liquid liner

You can find the liquid liner in two ways either with a brush or like a marker pen. In this, you just need to draw a fine line smoothly by filling the gaps. With the help of two applications, you can draw the line perfectly.

Hope that now with the help of the above tips you will use the best waterproof eyeliner perfectly by drawing the perfect winged and simple bold and smoky eyeliner which will make you look better.