Modes of playing Pixel gun 3D

Pixel gun 3D developers have gone a long way in ensuring that the fans of the game have all their tastes  sorted. To do this they have introduced different modes of playing, in which players can choose from  according to their taste. These different modes offers unique and distinct feels to the players thus  offering options for the pixel gun 3D lovers. Some of these modes of playing in the game include the  following:

Death match mode

This is a multi-player mode of pixel gun 3D game that you can play with your friends locally and abroad.  You can do this through the use of network in which you connect your devices to the network and thus  you are able to compete with each other. The best thing with this mode is that it has the option of  chatting while playing making it a very interactive mode. This means that you can talk with your  competitor while still playing the game. Its multi-player aspect makes it very interesting mode to play.

Cooperative mode

This is a special feature of the pixel gun 3D hack in which it is on multi player mode only that it allows only  four players rather than the eight for the death match. In addition, it offers the option of chatting with  your friends while playing the match. In this mode you are given eight maps in which you play the game  in. the reward for his mode is coins and is therefore a downgraded form of death match, it only  reduces the number of players.

Survival campaign

This is where you play alone in order to survive. You are presented with zombies whose intention is to  kill you but you must work to protect yourself from their danger. This mode is more exciting in that you  are provided with cool features like new training camp, choosing of the map you want. However this  game play is more challenging than the other as in the others you are assisted by others in the course of the game to kill zombies, in this you are alone.