NBA Live Mobile Tips and Tricks


Practice makes a man perfect. Keep playing the game NBA Live game and you will learn a lot by simply playing it. If you are a beginner here is a guide for tips and tricks. It will improve your game, win more battles, and reach higher levels. This game can be played on iOS as well as Android phones. These tips will help you earn more currency, upgrade your game. The quality of the play of your players can be improved.

We have tried to cover most of the game modes, but not all are covered in this guide. It is perfect to win games especially in the early stages of your game. NBA Live mobile Hack is a trusted source when it comes to earning free currency in NBA Live mobile game. There are so many other games in the market but this one is truly the best.

When to Shoot- it is all about timing

The basic thing just like real life basketball in NBA Live mobile app is shooting. In 24 seconds you are supposed to shoot. There is a clock ticking to show you the time left to take your shot. The clock is called the shot clock. Make sure you have a good look at the basketball ring. In a window you are supposed to pass the ball, to find the right person to shoot. Evaluate, and keep in mind which player can three points and which one can not. Avoid useless gambling, hold on the Guard button on defense, instead of tapping it madly to steal it. The player

Enhance the strength of players

The beginners waste a lot of time on weak players and are unable to reach on higher levels of the game. Always see how strong the opponents are. Do not waste your card on weak opponents. Upgrade your game using free currencies. In an auction, you can buy players and sell them for double the price. You can buy two players.